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Google AJAX Library CDN Versioning

It’s amazing what you find when you read the documentation. Since I always forget the address for Google’s CDN hosting of jQuery I have to search for it each time. This time when I found the address I was looking around a bit and found out this interesting tidbit that I didn’t know before about Google’s CDN for their AJAX libraries.

Specifying a version of “1.8.2″ will select the obvious version. This is because a fully specified version was used. Specifying a version of “1.8″ would select version 1.8.4 since this is the highest versioned release in the 1.8 branch. For much the same reason, a request for “1″ will end up loading version 1.9.1.

Google AJAX Libraries API Developer’s Guide

The Search For Sitemap Ping URLs

Sitemaps just make sense. You create a Sitemap file, or a set of files and a Sitemap Index, that has all the your site links crafted purely for search engine consumption. It’s like candy for the search giants since they get spoon-fed your site structure by you. Not only can it tell them where your content is, but it can tell them how often it changes, when it was last changed, and what priority it is to your site. Pure confection!

But the problem, for me at least, was finding the urls to ping so that you are not waiting for the giants to get a sweet tooth and come looking for you. The page on informing giants talks about a magical searchengine_URL that can be replace by your supporting giant. The problem: the site never tells what searchengine_URLs exist for your giant companions.

Google IO T-Shirt

Just looking at the Google IO T-Shirt for this year’s attendees and it appears they spelled GOOGLEIO wrong. I was curious as I was sitting in a session and typed in the binary that is on the shirt and it came out GOOGLEKO.

Here is my translation of the shirt to binary:


Here is what that is translated:


Just something interesting, we’ll see if it is true.

UPDATE: Thanks TechCrunch for verifying the shirt for me!