Billings Pro Server 1.5 Port Forwarding

I’ve been using Billings Pro (BP) since it first debuted. I love it. It is a very nice, simple way of tracking and invoicing clients with multiple people working on the projects. I’ve been running Billings Pro Server (BPS) and syncing up with a remote machines running BP. However, with the recent upgrade to 1.5 the syncing stopped working.

Testing directly through the modem the server was able to connect and was listed as reachable. But, going through the router it would be listed as not reachable. I double checked the ports, as indicated in the advanced network dialog (ports 7113, 7116, 7117, and 7118), were being forwarded in the router correctly.

After several emails with support there didn’t seem to be any resolution coming so I decided to dig a bit deeper and see what it was actually doing when it was successful.

Using tcpdump I noticed that there were some requests going through to some ports from the Switchboard server that were not one of the listed public IPs of the Advanced Network Dialog in the BPS. Specifically it was trying to talk to ports 60525, 60526, and 60527. I added those to my port forwarding on my router and all the Billings Pro Server is now listed as `reachable`.

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